Among the many pieces of furniture that fill our interiors, making them cozy and original, the leading role should be given to high-quality sofas, including sofa beds and armchairs. It is they who become the center of attraction in any room, give the inhabitants of the apartment the opportunity to spend time with pleasant comfort, receive guests with dignity and enjoy their rest.

Modern manufacturers, keeping up with the times, care about the convenience of potential buyers, providing many options for purchasing upholstered furniture. Let us single out two as the most interesting of them. Firstly, custom-made sofas are a unique way to purchase a piece of furniture that fully meets your needs and is designed to harmoniously fit into the existing environment. Secondly, the opportunity to buy an inexpensive sofa in the online store This path has recently become one of the most popular, since it does not require extra time spent on searches. To, for example, buy a sofa bed in Kiev, it is enough to carefully look through the catalog, compare the advantages and prices of the models you like, and place an order.

We offer our customers exactly this option for purchasing Sofino sofas – products of the famous company “Matrolux”, the manufacture of which the company has been successfully carrying out for 15 years.

Now many sites, allegedly belonging to online stores, intensively advertise their services, impose the purchase of sofas and armchairs from the catalog, with prices (too low to correspond to a really high-quality product) try to attract an inexperienced buyer, including promising to sell real Sofino Matrolux sofas … At the same time, they have neither their own salon, where samples would be exhibited, nor dealership agreements with the factory; there are no branded cars either.

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We warn you against contacting such, if I may say so, firms and will be happy to indicate the real addresses at which original high-quality sofas and armchairs of the Sofino Matrolux trademark are waiting for you. First of all, this is Kiev, where the exhibition salons are located, where you can see live models of sofas, and of course, choose the upholstery. Then the Internet furniture store “Magdek” will arrange for you free delivery, Sofino Matrolux sofas in which are presented in such a wide assortment that even the most discerning buyer can be confused before the richest choice.