If you are planning to buy denim pants in the style of a boyfriend, then you should definitely understand that they look like a man, and you definitely need to combine them with feminine elements of your wardrobe so that the image does not turn out to be too heavy. For example, you can choose an elegant blouse, expressive accessories, shoes with heels.

Boyfriend-style jeans are ideal for slim and tall girls, as due to the loose fit they give some splendor to the hips. Therefore, this style will not always look advantageous on women with wide hips.

Boyfriend jeans and MOM

In their style, boyfriends and IOM are similar to each other. They are just as free and do not hinder movement. Unlike the previous style, IOM will fit well on girls with curvaceous curves and prominent hips. Distinctive characteristics of these jeans are traditionally high waist. This fit visually lengthens the legs, makes them slimmer, and supports the stomach and buttocks. Unlike skinny jeans, IOM jeans look natural and hide many of the figure flaws.

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The main shape differences

Despite the fact that the styles are similar to each other, they have significant differences, localized mainly on the back of the legs. They are very noticeable when jeans are worn on a thin woman. For example, boyfriends have a straighter cut and fit well on straight women. The IOMs are broader at the hips, following their smooth curves. Pockets are taller than boyfriends and may not necessarily be straight.

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Correct fit of IOM and boyfriends on a female figure

We focus on fashion trends, comfort and practicality of wearing. However, this is not always enough – jeans should “fit” correctly on the hips, drawing attention to the seductive outlines of the female figure and not making her rough.

The belt on the IOM style must necessarily be located on the waistline, focusing on its refinement. If you have full legs, this style will help hide them, make your figure taller. Boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, look much better if they are slightly lowered when the waist line is at the hips. Their loose fit looks great on slender legs – this is how the maximum effect of a spacious fit is achieved.

Belts and various shoes are suitable for both styles. In order not to look too masculine, be sure to combine these two styles with feminine elements.