So the cold came. The trees slowly shed their golden leaves, covering the ground with them.

One of the brightest good holidays is approaching – New Year.

Very soon, fabulous snowflakes will swirl in the air in a round dance and frost will draw patterns on the windows. On the threshold of magic.

Most of all, this celebration is awaited, of course, by the kids. The moment when parents bring a freshly bought Christmas tree, which will fill the whole house with a fresh pine scent. Laughter and fun when the whole family decorates the New Year’s beauty, preparing her for the holiday. The magic of lights that finally heal in the twilight and envelop the room in secret magic.

And of course, the expectation of New Year’s gifts, which the kind Santa Claus will leave to obedient kids on New Year’s Eve.

But where without pleasant pre-holiday hassle? Parents spend a lot of time every year looking for interesting gifts for their little ones that will delight them and strengthen children’s faith in miracles.

What should be this gift?

After all, now there are so many of them and it is more and more difficult to choose each time.

On our website “Santa Claus’s Chancery” you can order a New Year’s gift for a child for every taste.

Boys and a girl will love Santa Claus’s New Year greetings as they complete exciting buildings and solve puzzles. And the smallest will love a video story with a photo of a child, in which a kind wizard teaches kindness and politeness.

What could be more exciting than the moment when Santa Claus calls a child by name from a TV screen, laptop or tablet? A fabulous video will give the child faith in magic and a lot of positive emotions.

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You can order a video for a gift, both for one child, and for two or three children. Santa Claus will address each of them by name personally.

The video will come to your email – no need to wait for delivery. Just download it to your gadget and show it to your child whenever you want. The best moment, of course, will be New Years Eve.

As a gift, we send a personalized letter from Santa Claus, which you can, if you wish, print it out and add congratulations to it.

Why is it worth ordering a children’s video gift from us:

  • we have been working for more than 4 years;
  • 2000+ completed orders;
  • there are over 1800 baby names on our list;
  • all videos are in HD quality;
  • we give a letter from Santa Claus in electronic form to each order.

Because it is so important that the New Year’s gift not only gives magic and faith in a miracle, but also be of high quality, so as not to upset your child.

Do not put your childhood dream on the back burner! Hurry up to buy a fabulous gift now!