A wedding is an exciting and significant event. And if men behave with restraint on the eve of a significant date, then women – on the contrary. This day should be really special – everything should be perfect: flowers, celebration, outfit. In this confusion, it’s easy to overlook one small but important detail – the wedding night underwear. Few events can compare with this moment. And even if this has already become a formality, it will be great if, after an eventful wedding day, you will please your spouse in a stunning seductive way!

Why is it important to choose the right underwear

One of the main conditions for the success of the first wedding night is the right choice of linen. Unless, of course, you want the spouse, tired of events, to be guaranteed to be inflamed with passion, and not to fall asleep as soon as he gets to bed. Therefore, you should be fully armed – the set of underwear for the bride should be different from the usual attire.

And let the color tell everything

Before you buy lingerie for your wedding night, you need to decide what you will be, there are several options:

  • submissive – if you are ready to obey your chosen one, choose white wedding lingerie for your wedding night;
  • passionate – the red color of the linen worn on the beloved woman will turn the head of any man;
  • romantic – a girl dressed in a pink lingerie set for the bride is incredibly attractive;
  • delicate – choose underwear of a pale pastel color if you want to demonstrate to a man your trepidation;
  • extravagant and mysterious – the woman in black seems to declare – all power is in my hands, and you can’t get away from me.

Leave underwear in beige or flesh shades for the solemn part – it will provide proper comfort during the day, and by night it is better to put on a set at a more appropriate moment. Purple or lilac underwear will indicate that the bride has no desire to have sex and all her desire is to go to bed as soon as possible.

Remember that it is not recommended to wear colored underwear under a wedding dress – the straps should not look out from under the outfit or panties or bra should not show through – this is a sign of bad taste. Therefore, it is better to have several sets: underwear for a wedding dress, an option for the wedding night and underwear for the bride’s morning.

Wear something especially sexy

It is necessary to strive for harmony not only in creating an external appearance, but also in what is hidden from the views of the public. The bride’s underwear should:

  • allow you to once again win the heart of your beloved – make it a habit to charm your own man every time and then the loss of love will never touch you;
  • to give the opportunity to feel like a goddess on this special day – let your wedding panties not be seen by anyone around you, but you know how gorgeous they are. A gentle touch on the skin will allow you to gain confidence that you are perfect;
  • to give you convenience and comfort – no matter what material of linen you choose – satin, silk, lace or cotton – on this happy day it should cheer up and give only positive emotions;
  • emphasize advantages and hide flaws – a push-up bra will allow you to expose your breasts in the most favorable light, and panties with a tightening will allow the silhouette to look especially graceful without any diets.

Choose your underwear after deciding on the style of your dress.

Selection Tips

  • One-piece underwear will visually lengthen the figure, and thongs and slips – legs.
  • A thin, translucent fabric will help create a fragile feel.
  • A peignoir in the form of a light dress will add chasteness to your look.
  • A suspender belt will be a seductive touch – it can be tight, translucent, embroidered, high or close to the hips.
  • Stockings – will make a special impression. Choose them to match the color of the dress.

A rich and harmonious sex life is the key to happiness in marriage!

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