We analyzed the search queries “How to choose a women’s bike?”. We also clarified some questions from our clients and came to the conclusion that it is more difficult to choose a bike for women than for men.

We decided to compile our own guide of choice, in which we will tell you about the different types and their purpose. This will help you make the best possible choice.

Differences between female and male models.

The main difference between bicycles for women and men is in their size. Women’s models are bicycles with a low frame, even a regular seat will be larger and softer than men’s. Often, girls have narrower shoulders, which is reflected in the narrow handlebars. Due to all this, the weight will be less, and therefore it is more convenient for a fragile girl to carry such a bike. This is not important for everyone, but women’s bike models have a greater variety of colors and are generally brighter.

Types of women’s bicycles.

But the differences do not end there, since female models differ in purpose. Here, the choice must be made from your goals and preferences. It is worth approaching the choice thoroughly, since the level of comfort and cross-country ability for all species is completely different.

Main types:

  1. Mountain – this is your faithful assistant in all travel and off-road trips. This type has a wider and more grippy tread, which increases flotation. Also, this model is famous for its increased ground clearance, which is simply irreplaceable off-road. This is a great choice if you are going out of town.
  2. Road racing is an evolutionary and engineering climax that has been achieved so far. This is a bike for professional sports, not for amateurs
  3. Road / Urban – This is the most common option for city residents. It has everything you need to move comfortably in city parks, on bike paths, etc. For lovers of Sunday rest, this is the best option, it is universal for everyone.

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