How to remove hair where it is undesirable, so that the result is the most effective and long-lasting. This is the question women from all over the world are asking themselves. A suitable answer to this question is laser hair removal from Kharkiv , which can remove all unnecessary hair as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

This method has gained popularity all over the world for a long time and now it is quite difficult to imagine the fashion and beauty industry without laser hair removal of the body and face.

The effectiveness of such a procedure is shown in the end. The result, in turn, is determined by the settings of the device. To select the necessary parameter for the procedure, you need to know all the individual characteristics of the client, so the doctor must be experienced enough.

Do not confuse laser hair removal and laser hair removal. These two processes are aimed at removing unwanted hair, but in principle, they are quite different from each other in the way of influence. Depilation is the process of removing hairs without affecting the bulb. This procedure can be carried out at home using wax, special creams, caramel and electric depilatories.

When depilation destroys only the visible areas of the hair, so the result of the procedure is not long-term and rather painful, because the newly appeared hairs bend and begin to grow into the skin, which can subsequently lead to an inflammatory process. Laser hair removal is designed to remove the hair follicle, this leads to the complete destruction of the hair and the solution to the problem of excessive growth. The number of bulbs becomes smaller, and as a result, the hair is destroyed forever.

Just do not forget that with one procedure, it is impossible to destroy all the bulbs. The fact is that there are also small hairs on the body that are invisible, but grow over time. That is why, laser hair removal must be carried out until the hair disappears completely.

Taking into account the individual characteristics of clients, experts recommend five or six procedures, observing a certain break. If laser hair removal was carried out on the body, then the break lasts about two months, if on the face, then a month and a half will be enough.

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