Closed fabric roller blinds are an excellent alternative to the usual curtains. The variety of configurations and types on the market today will pleasantly surprise you. Often the eyes of potential buyers run up and managers of the respective companies come to the rescue. This is because the current roller blinds are no longer those products that perform only a practical function. It is an aesthetic, convenient and functional solution for any room. A suitable option is selected depending on the purpose and design of the room.

Closed-type fabric roller blinds from (cassette system) will give the necessary comfort and coziness, please with their appearance and satisfy the pricing policy. The peculiarity of this design is the presence of a decorative box that protects the canvas from external factors (dust and dirt). The canvas, when rolled into a neat roll, is under reliable protection.

For the arrangement of the window, fabric roller blinds with guides have become very popular for a reason. Let’s consider the main advantages :

  • provides a snug fit of the fabric to the window, eliminating the lack of gaps. The most comfortable environment is guaranteed to you. Wanting full 100% blackout is not a problem;
  • When manufacturing a cassette system to order, employees of specialized companies use only proven reliable materials and components. Long service life is ensured;
  • with the right selection, they will look harmonious and luxurious in any interior, hiding its flaws and emphasizing its merits;
  • control can be both left-handed and right-handed. Depends on the wishes of the client and the location of the window. In any case, it is easy and simple to operate the canvas;
  • all fabrics undergo special processing during the production process. The canvas has dust-repellent and water-repellent properties;
  • easy to care for, do not require special skills and knowledge. It is enough to clean it with a vacuum cleaner using a soft nozzle or a damp cloth;
  • the system is ideal for rooms of any purpose (from children’s rooms to kitchens).
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Rollers with guides look neat and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to be convinced from your own experience how versatile and practical this design is, then do not postpone your wishes until later. Prices for closed-type fabric roller blinds depend on your wishes (fabric texture, automatic or manual control, number of components, etc.) and vary significantly.