Cat Cafe in Hongdae – Seoul, Korea (고양이 다락방) Kitty Café: Feeding & playing with cats

In this video Samuel and Audrey visit a cat café (고양이 다락방) in Hongdae – Seoul, Korea. Cat cafes are very popular in Korea. With busy work schedules and small…
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25 Responses to Cat Cafe in Hongdae – Seoul, Korea (고양이 다락방) Kitty Café: Feeding & playing with cats

  1. Danielle Effiong

    Animals truly do improve quality of life. Studies have proven that petting
    soft fur reduces cortisol output. Great place!

  2. Eric Lanlard

    I love Cat Cafes !!! I came across my first one when in BUDAPEST last month
    …My cat BOBBY was jealous .. Eric x Meet Bobby my piano playing, cupcake
    loving cat…

  3. Vu BanhBaoBoii

    0:49 guess we got one single woman

  4. Lee Lemon

    I love how they use boxes instead of buying actual cat houses. They know
    what’s up.

  5. NomadicSamuel

    It really is Mark!

  6. baddogonline

    That’s a good idea to have a place to play with the cats…

  7. Chris Marlay

    What’s with the war going on with Japan and Korea right now. That video was
    in Korea and it’s a cat cafe in Korea. who doesn’t fucking love cats

  8. nuderobot

    And Japanese only tell the truth – so when Tepco’s Kano Tokio said “A
    little radiation is good for you” he wasn’t trying to weasel out of
    responsibility like a typical war-crime denying Japanese, it’s just a fact.
    So CrimeAvenger2, you should move to Fukushima with your whole family.
    Don’t you want your mommy and daddy to be really, really healthy?

  9. Choi Lu

    the cat just finished cleaning its balls and anus and then lady let the cat
    kiss and such the saliva out of her own mouth. very smart thing to do ??

  10. superford500

    LOL 3:48 Looks like that cat has “extra eyes ” XD cool*!

  11. NomadicSamuel

    Indeed! Let’s keep the focus on the cats :)

  12. NomadicSamuel


  13. Exorcist92

    What with all the racism in here, it’s cat video…relax.

  14. NomadicSamuel

    Love those cats!!!

  15. Exorcist92

    Actually, wikipedia says that the first cat cafe was from Taiwan in 1998
    and Japan’s first one was in 2004…

  16. Mark Wiens

    Wow, this is an extreme cat lovers’ cafe. That lady enjoyed quite the cat

  17. truesky00

    무슨 소리임? 전국적으로 고양이카페 수백개는 됨. 검색좀해보삼

  18. NomadicSamuel

    Thank you!

  19. NomadicSamuel

    We’re both Canadian :)

  20. ys Hyun

    6 people are ugly jap

  21. Jimin3289

    I like your video! I really really like cat cafe ;)

  22. nuderobot

    So typical of these Japanese trolls. They make up lies about Koreans, then
    attack Koreans on the basis of those lies. They don’t seem to realize such
    hatemongering only makes Japan look even worse.

  23. NomadicSamuel

    The Cubs suck these days ;) Would rather it stand for Cats :)

  24. ubot581

    fucking jap!! pupupupu ㅗ

  25. NomadicSamuel

    Thank you! Best wishes :)