Animal Cafes All the Rage in Japan

ABC News’ Akiko Fujita visits animal cafes that allow you to sip coffee while cuddling critters.
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27 Responses to Animal Cafes All the Rage in Japan

  1. Vincent Palmer

    *Master Sasaki COOL*

  2. Brianna Harter

    I see so many people saying let the animals free.if they truly loved
    animals they would under stand that if these animals were released they
    would die horribly i might add,become a an invasive spicese or give new
    disease to to wild populations.heck some of these cafes are kinda of like
    shelters without the kannels in that they’ll take strays in and adopt them
    out and since the aboden cats and dogs provide the cafe with a revenue
    source without doitinons they don’t have to kill any of the animals they
    take in.kennel free and no kill.

  3. Anne In Japan

    I hate these reporters…

  4. Bryan Mota

    ha funny, a simple story like this brought out something very ugly in these
    narrowminded and judgmental assholes.

  5. Robin Carretti

    Check this out so cool

  6. sw33tbay

    lol these news reporters haven’t even been to JP and they talked shiiiiit.
    well, in asia, past couple of years coffee shops have been growing in every
    city and some of the shops want to have a unique identity and sense of who
    they are. So they thought having a pet or pets will attract more customers.
    I think in thailand, there is a coffee shop that has at least 5 or 6 cats.
    SOOOOOoooo many girls go there so they can take pictures with cats. 

  7. Mr1958louief

    Health and human services in the usa would piss themselves..

  8. perla51

    No please let free this birds!!!

  9. Ape Shank

    May animals fill as much space in our lives as we may possibly allow ;)

  10. V1RUL

    fucking wierdos

  11. Nathalia D

    That’s stupid, you have to respect animals and set them free, not display
    them as if they were products for human amusement.

  12. sega310982

    Sorry, but how is this wrong? The animals aren’t suffering at all. They are
    taken care of.

  13. cartex12

    ahhhh, narcissistic sociopaths, just how im used to my reporters.

  14. ttttkk2

    oh, that is the cafe I would definitely go

  15. vietvipp

    that’s awesome

  16. VancouverViewTV

    No one goes to zoos to talk to animals, and anyone with any awareness
    doesn’t go to zoos at all. We don’t enable such cruelty.

  17. AmaneeChaan

    Well, sorry to tell you, but my IQ is 127. So you’re out of luck there. And
    it is really only unsanitary if the animal goes to the bathroom on the
    floor, lol. A lot of trained service dogs and ponies are perfectly clean
    and do not go on the floor.

  18. Gracie Lee

    I love the animal cafe idea!!

  19. Higherthanthemuthaducking starsandthealiensinspace

    the reporter sounded gay by saying cuddle with the animals i would go to
    the cafe to see exotic animals you don’t get to see regularly first hand
    not to cuddle with them tf.

  20. Dong Xuan

    i think the woman is so pretty :)

  21. I know you are watching me..

    At least we will know when the war with the spiders start who to call. Just
    don’t betray us.

  22. chanthien99

    I am not even Japanese, but I just couldn’t stand how these 2 reporters
    criticize these folks. At the very end, the female reporter basically
    ridicule these people as lonely, can’t-take-responsibility individuals. Did
    she want them to buy pets to “try” out then abandon them on the highway
    like some Americans do all the time?!

  23. southnail

    zoo cafe, please!

  24. 1pcbg72b

    americans put animals in zoo’s japanese let them freedom so everyone shut
    the fuck up

  25. jesskidng

    They’re probably all trained…

  26. karime garcia cortes

    esta cancion me encanta!!

  27. juan perez

    van morrison brown eyed girl