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Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) November 04, 2014

Argo Tea

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Healthy Food Options For Fall Family Wellness Featured On InTheNews.TV

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Cooler temperatures are no excuse to let one’s family health and wellness fall by the wayside. In fact, fall is the perfect time to take advantage of some of the highlights of the season, from incorporating fall fruits and vegetables to kicking the fitness routine up a notch with fall-friendly activities. However, busy school and work schedules can make it difficult to jumpstart good nutrition.

News Media Group recently completed a satellite media tour with Registered Dietitian, Toby Amidor, where she shared her ideas and tips for healthier meals, quick snacks and drinks. The tour is featured on the lifestyle website http://www.InTheNews.TV.

I worked with these brands on the tour to show families how they can eat healthier said Toby. I am also a mom of three, so I know it can be a challenge to get your kids to eat and drink the right things. However, there are some really tasty, smart and easy food and drink choices that will please your entire family.

Here are some of Tobys tips, ideas and recipes for simple and delicious meals, snacks and drinks for fall!

Kid-friendly and parent approved, Disney Consumer Products offers a variety of better for you produce, lunch items, and snacks at grocery retailers nationwide. Disney Foodles by Crunch Pak continues to be a favorite, featuring delicious and nutritious snacks in a fun Mickey-shaped tray. Disney-branded bagged apples by Sage feature Marvel Super Heroes like Spider-Man, and recently launched Disney Frozen. For more information on Disney Magic of Healthy Living and Disney Try It, visit

Fruit takes on a new form with these squeezable, slim tubes of real fruit puree blends from Bolthouse Farms featuring three fun flavors: Mango Meets Banana & Pineapple, Strawberry Meets Banana, and Blueberry Meets Raspberry with Yogurt. The fruit tubes can be served chilled or frozen and are an enticing treat. At just 30-40 calories, and no added sugar or preservatives, these tubes are a delicious snack for the little ones. “Go ahead and play with your food”. The Fruits Tubes are part of Bolthouse Farms new line of refrigerated kids snacks based around real fruits and veggies. In addition to the Fruit Tubes, the line also includes Kids Smoothies and Veggie Snackersbaby carrots with delicious natural seasoning. All of these products have no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, and no high-fructose corn syrup. Visit for more information.

SodaStream has once again partnered with Yves Behar, world-renowned designer and social entrepreneur, to create the SodaStream Play sparkling water maker. Behars design re-examines the interface, shape and material selection of the SodaStream system, redefining the way it is used. As an innovative new feature, the refined mechanics of the machine allow the high-gloss slider column to automatically return to the original position after being pressed, simplifying the process of carbonation. The matte texture and contrasting color of the column and base add a light-hearted, playful feel, and the carbonating bottle easily locks into place with a single-push motion. The Play will work with either the 60L or 130L CO2 cylinder, providing even greater user flexibility. Visit for more information.

Create delicious, healthy meals with one simple ingredient mushrooms. Its never been easier to use mushrooms to transform meals, starting with those that may already be in the weekly rotation. Simply chop mushrooms to match the texture of ground meat beef, pork, chicken, turkey (or tofu) and mix with ground meat in recipes such as burgers, tacos, meatloaf, lasagna, pasta sauce, or meatballs to make everyday dishes healthier and more delicious while adding more vegetables to the plate and extending the number of servings. This technique is referred to as Blendability. Fresh, cultivated mushrooms are available nationwide, in local grocery stores as well as specialty supermarkets. Visit for more information.

For more information about all of the featured products, visit http://www.InTheNews.TV.

About News Media Group Inc.

Founded in 2009, News Media Group Inc. (NMG) produces original television and radio programming with industry experts and celebrities that help public relations professionals gain media exposure for their brands and clients. Based in West Palm Beach, Fla., with studio locations in South Florida, New York and Los Angeles, News Media Group is a leader in organizing and producing high profile Co-Op and Exclusive Satellite Media Tours (SMTs), Radio Media Tours (RMTs) and Ground In-Studio Media Tours (GMTs) throughout the year with Fortune 500 and other leading companies and public relations agencies. NMG shares these trends with consumers through its technology website, KillerApps.TV, and its consumer lifestyle website, InTheNews.TV and their Whats #Trending Now segments. Visit to learn more.


Karl Wayne

Executive Producer

News Media Group Inc.


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Do Italian bikes make the best café racers?

Do Italian bikes make the best café racers?
Much like its cars, Italy's motorcycles have always leaned towards more sporting orientations – so perhaps that's why they have become so popular in the ever-growing café racer scene. The progression from Italian sports bike to Italian café racer has …
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Best of the sea at Mill Cafe
KUALA LUMPUR: Some of the finest shellfish from Neptune's kingdom are taking centre stage at The Mill Cafe at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur. Aptly named, Oceans' 11, the seafood buffet dinner features 11 types of seafood and an international selection …
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Latest Best Cafe News

'Assassin's Creed Unity': A Guide To The Best Weapons And Armor
The economy in Assassin's Creed Unity has been streamlined from prior games: Arno receives the deed to a cafe early on, and from there, expanding and renovating the building is the easiest and most consistent way to earn money in the whole game.
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Vote Here, Vote Now for Best Race Day of 2014!
OK let me try that again: wouldn't it be great if the US election were hosted by the Podium Cafe? Better: Tyler Farrar elected to US Senate! President Cancellara? Well, the US Constitution has an age minimum and US-born requirement. President LeMond?
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Yahoo! and ShopSocially Present Strategies to Boost Conversion, Get Referrals and Generate 10X Social ROI

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) November 10, 2014

ShopSocially, leading social, referral and retention platform and Yahoo! Commerce Central conducted a joint webinar on Oct 1st 2014 and revealed strategies to help marketers convert their customers into brand ambassadors, maximize referral traffic, boost conversion and acquire new customers. In this webinar, Samir Palnitkar, President at ShopSocially presented strategies which marketers should adopt to grow their businesses rapidly and achieve social ROI of 10x or greater.

Social media features by default in all marketing plans of todays marketers. But they are still often clueless on how to harness the true power of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email effectively. To help marketers maximize their social ROI, Samir Palnitkar suggested how marketers can boost conversion, get referrals, and generate 10x Social ROI by employing the strategies described below:

1. Move to Viral Email Acquisition: Marketers should replace their traditional email acquisition widgets with Facebook Connect. ShopSociallys Social Connect app encourages users to share their Facebook profile in return for an incentive. Each connect results in a Facebook post adding virality. Besides acquiring the email address, marketers get the complete social profile of user. Rich social profile data like birthday, gender, location, interests, friends, etc. can be collected via this method. This results in generating deep social insights of your customers, and can be used to run customized campaigns.

2. Drive Customer Acquisition via Referral Programs: Most marketers know referral marketing but very few actually add a social flavor to it. For an effective referral program, reward your users for referring your site to their friends on social media. For maximum returns, make it a reciprocal offer wherein both sharers and their friends get a reward. ShopSociallys Refer-a-Friend app helps you enable this benefit for your site.

A referral program can also be added when customers have finished their purchase. Customer delight is at its highest point when the customer has completed the purchase. Referral marketing can convert this customer delight into brand endorsement. By offering a simple incentive to customers, they can share their purchases on social media and drive social referrals.

3. Drive Visual Commerce by Converting Selfies into Sales: Its a visual web today, and selfies are its best manifestation. Your customers are already sharing photos of your brand or products on channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

These photos can be aggregated to create a visually attractive photo testimonial gallery. Customers can be encouraged to share their selfies and pictures with a brand specific hashtag. ShopSociallys Photomonials app helps aggregate these photos into a nice visually attractive gallery on your product page which acts as social proof and increases conversions.

4. Use Social Login to Increase Conversions: In todays socially connect web, social proof is the new customer identity. With so many accounts across different sites, users experience password fatigue when remembering the login details across sites. Enabling login via social profiles like Facebook, Google, Yahoo! Amazon or Twitter ensures that users default social browsing behavior is extended to your site. ShopSociallys Social Login app reduces transaction/ cart abandonment rate by 46%, increases user engagement and drives sales conversion uplift.

5. Increase Loyalty by Rewarding Customers for Social Actions: A loyalty program is one of the surest ways of increasing customer loyalty and driving repeat sales from existing customers. But in todays social media dominated world, these loyalty programs now need to incorporate social.

Reward your customers with loyalty points for social actions on your site. This increases social engagement, enhances customer loyalty and drives repeat purchases. ShopSociallys Customer Loyalty App helps you employ this strategy for your site.

Marketers can boost conversion, acquire new customers, get referrals and maximize social ROI by embedding the above strategies on their website. ShopSociallys apps help convert your customers into brand ambassadors and turn your website into a word-of-mouth powerhouse.

The 5 must-have strategies can help marketers instantly turn their e-commerce website into a word-of-mouth powerhouse and achieve a social ROI of 10x or greater, said Samir Palnitkar, President of ShopSocially. Yahoo! Commerce Central provides client-side integration to marketers. Marketers should benefit from the easy integration of ShopSocially apps using Yahoo! Commerce Central and leverage it to maximize their social ROI.

About ShopSocially

ShopSocially is a one-stop social, referral and retention solution for marketers. Leading brands like Crabtree & Evelyn, CafePress, Zipcar, Ulta, Beretta etc. are using ShopSocially platform to enable referral marketing, visual commerce, customer loyalty, social login, social gamification and other such programs on their site.

ShopSocially has been consistently driving word-of-mouth promotions via social for 1000s of brands and delivering positive social ROI for their social media efforts.

ShopSocially has won several awards and has also been featured by Facebook in a Social Commerce case study. Launched in Oct 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA. For contact information, please visit

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Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

Decorating the house for Halloween has grown to be second only to decorating for Christmas. Halloween items date back to the early 1900s decorations and costumes made from crepe paper, candy containers and jack-o-lanterns from Germany, painted tin noisemakers, and paper lanterns. These vintage Halloween collectibles are scarce because they were used and thrown out. They sell for high prices. But collectors who love Halloween should be on the prowl for decorations with fun graphics that will be future collectibles.

Here are five things (spookier than spiders) to look for now that will be sought-for and pricey collectibles in 25 years:

1. Special holiday bottles and cans. Soft drinks are sold in spooky containers. Crush soda has three new Halloween flavors, Gruesome Grape, Spooky Strawberry and Orange Ogre, that come in limited edition plastic bottles with scary faces, perfect for Halloween parties. And Jones Soda is bringing back limited edition Halloween flavors, including Candy Corn, Red Licorice, Caramel Apple, and Blood Orange in cans with portraits of Frankenstein, a zombie, a vampire and a werewolf. Enjoy the soda it’s a special occasion keep the containers.

2. Plastic “stuff” colorful 1950s and ’60s candy containers, figures, and jack-o-lanterns are inexpensive and easy to find. Look for hard plastic holiday-themed candy containers made by the E. Rosen Co. of Rhode Island, also known as Rosbro Plastics and the School House Candy Co. The candy containers are no longer made, but they’re charming and plentiful. Keep an eye out for contemporary plastic decorations with good design. Enjoy the candy keep the containers.

3. Zombies and vampires. There was a time when Halloween wasn’t about REALLY scary things like zombies and gruesome headless monsters. But tombstones and skeletons aren’t spooky enough anymore since zombies and vampires became popular TV and movie creatures. Look for plastic, rubber, or resin decorations like the zombie-hand candleholder. Scare guests now save for later.

4.Jewelry. Charm bracelets with pumpkins, bats, and black cats; jointed skeleton earrings decorated with rhinestones, and spider rings of all kinds are fun and easy to find. Wear now and save for later.

5. Motion- or voice-activated figures that light up or emit scary sounds and music. Have you ever jumped out of your skin when a fake witch screamed, crept, or crouched when you walked past? Life-sized pumpkin men, witches, vampires, black cats even just body parts like crawly hands can be found in any degree of “fun scary.” Startle neighbors now and save for later.

And save the paper or plastic masks, costumes, treat bags, and dolls as low-priced future collectibles to enjoy each October.

Terry Kovel is Americas foremost authority on antiques and collectibles. She is the well-known columnist and author of more than 100 books on antiques and collecting. With her daughter, Kim Kovel, she co-authors the best-selling annual Kovels Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide. Both Terry and Kim are collectors. They will discuss antiques and collectibles topics with accredited media. Photographs are available. Contact pr(at)

About, created by Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel, provides collectors and researchers with up-to-date and accurate information on antiques and collectibles. Kovels Antiques was founded in 1953 by Terry Kovel and her late husband, Ralph. Since then, Kovels has published some of Americas most popular books and articles about antiques, including the best-selling Kovels Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide. The brand new 2015 edition is now available in bookstores and in the online shop at Ralph and Terry were featured in three TV series about antiques and collectibles, The most recent was Flea Market Finds with the Kovels on the HGTV cable channel. The Kovels website, online since 1998, offers 900,000 free prices and includes a free weekly email, Kovels Komments. It give readers a birds-eye view of the market through the latest news, auction reports, a Marks Dictionary, readers questions with Kovels answers and much more.

Contact Information:

Liz Lillis


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How to Make Espresso with a Home Espresso Machine

How to Make Espresso with a Home Espresso Machine

Watch the whole series at: Learn how to extract espresso with the Breville Barista Express BES860XL and make espresso drinks at …
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Watch more How to Make the Best Coffee videos: Learn how to make a caffe macchia…


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Imerman Angels' founder: addicted to working out
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Nine fresh ways to gin up your holidays
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How to make the best jams and preserves – with a recipe for fig jam
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I'll drink to child-free pubs and cafes

I'll drink to child-free pubs and cafes
Jodie Morris announced that her cafe would no longer be accepting badly behaved children. If parents were looking for somewhere for children to “run rampant and annoy other customers,” she wrote on Facebook, then her premises were “not child friendly”.
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For Rent: A Block from Cafes! Remodeled Spanish Duplex | Patio | Bonus Room
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Pass/Fail: Novel writing month kicks off Saturday; Cafes host open mic night
Mondays, The House Cafe and The College Grind host their open mic nights and force musicians to choose one venue over the other. If the cafes want to increase the number of performers then the businesses should hold their events on separate days, …
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Its a Wonderful Life at Newman Village Brings Holiday Fun to Frisco

Frisco, Texas (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Friscos favorite holiday event, Its a Wonderful Life at Newman Village, returns to the picturesque community featuring Darling Homes on November 20.

Ride down the street in Mr. Potters horse-drawn carriage, skate on the ice with family and friends, take a ride on a holiday decorated Bedford Falls Express choo-choo train and play in the pristine, white snow. Its all a part of an extraordinary holiday experience bringing the fun-filled days and old-fashioned fun of yesteryear to Newman Village.

From 6 to 9 p.m. on November 20, children and adults alike will marvel at a celebration thats alive with the sights and sounds of carolers singing as they promenade around central plaza and the excited cheers of children as they sled down a hill of snow.

Presented by Baylor Medical Center at Frisco, the event offers family and friends throughout Dallas an opportunity to share a special night of holiday revelry at Newman Village, bringing back the beauty of small town holiday traditions, including caroling during Zuzus choral hour, live holiday music from a brass band and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus themselves.

Its an amazing holiday celebration that embraces everything we love about the holidays, said Christine Kenny, marketing manager for Darling Homes. Its a night of charming traditions made even more meaningful because youre sharing them with friends and family, and the whole community is there sharing it with you.

Its a Wonderful Life at Newman Village will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. at Newman Villages Central Plaza. The popular, family-friendly event was given the 2013 Dallas Builders Association McSam Award for Best Event.

When developing Newman Village, we wanted it to be a life like nowhere else, said Lauren Newman Burge of Newman Real Estate. The theme of the movie Its a Wonderful Life inspired this event and sincerely captures the community values and vintage traditions into one magical evening. Its truly Christmas like nowhere else.

Newman Village is located at 4131 Fallbrook Drive in Frisco.

Adults are free and childrens tickets can be purchased ahead of time for $ 5 each at Tickets on the night of the event will be $ 10 for the first child and $ 5 for each additional child. Photos with Santa Claus cost $ 10.

Food will be available for purchase from local food trucks Ruthies Rolling Cafe, OinkNMoo BBQ, Eat Jo Dawgs, and Easy Sliders. Other food vendors anticipated to participate include ChickFilA and CoffeeNCream

All proceeds will go to benefit Frisco Education Foundation for teachers through Grants For Great Ideas, Mindbender Academy, and providing scholarships and support to generations of students enrolled in Frisco Independent School District.

Parking and shuttle services will be available from Newman Elementary School and Griffin Middle School.

For more information, please visit

About Darling Homes

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Taylor Morrison Home Corporation operates in the U.S. under the Taylor Morrison and Darling Homes brands and in Canada under the Monarch brand. Taylor Morrison is a builder and developer of single-family detached and attached homes serving a wide array of customers including first-time, move-up, luxury and 55+ or better. Taylor Morrison divisions operate in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida and Texas. Darling Homes serves move-up and luxury homebuyers in Texas. Monarch, Canada’s oldest homebuilder builds homes for first-time and move-up buyers in Toronto and Ottawa as well as high rise condominiums in Toronto.

For more information about Taylor Morrison, Darling Homes or Monarch, please visit, and

About Newman Real Estate, Inc.

The Newman Family has been intimately involved in the land business in North Texas since 1841, when they first settled in what is now Frisco in the Republic of Texas. More than six generations of the family have lived and worked in Frisco farming and developing the land. Five generations have attended the Frisco Independent School District. The Newman Family is proud to call this thriving community its home. Today, Newman Real Estate, Inc. is focused on commercial and residential real estate as well as land development. Everyday, the company puts its expertise to for clients looking for the perfect property to suit their business or family. For the inside track on the Frisco real estate market, call Newman Real Estate, Inc. at (972) 335-3334 or visit

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